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< This is the list of all clusters on this site that are made visible to public by their authors:
< <hide><abstract>Notes about this site itself</abstract></hide>
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< * How to browse and edit the content of the site.
< * How to do this in [[good style]].
< * How to make life easier by using [[text formatting rules]].
< * How to administer it.
< * What's under the cowling of WikiV engine that hosts this site.
> Welcome and enjoy yourself.
< Major starting points are:
> *If you can read this text*, then this site is just launched.
< This cluster contains documentation about this site itself. The initial part of this documentation is written by authors of WikiV but visitors can add his own comments and improvements, especially in guidelines about authoring style.
> <hide><abstract>Main page for cluster %CLUSTER%</abstract></hide>
> Welcome to Wiki - a place to share your knowledge, experience and ideas with your friends and with those who will become your friends soon.
> Visitors are encouraged to write, and almost every page has a button "Edit" at the bottom. Just press it if you want to improve a page. That's how the site grows; let it stay under construction. Please follow [[Doc.GoodStyle][GoodStyle]] to increase value of your ideas.
> The syntax supported by this Wiki briefly described [[Doc.TextFormattingRules][here]].