Text formatting tips (More..)

*Bold* Bold Text
_Italic_ Italic
__Bold Italic__ Bold Italic
=Fixed Font= Fixed Font
==Bold Fixed Font== Bold Fixed Font
[[http://foo.com][link]] link
* Bulleted
* List (begin line with 3 spaces)
  • Bulleted
  • List
1 Ordered
1 List
(begin line with 3 spaces)
  1. Ordered
  2. List
---+ Lvl 1
---++ Lvl 2
---+++ Lvl 3
---++++Lvl 4
Lvl 1
Lvl 2
Lvl 3
Lvl 4

Wiki Words and links

Capitalized words written together are wikiwords, which will be automatically linked. Ex: WikiWord, PlanetTellus.

You mayLink references within page (anchors) are defined by writing a wikiword starting with hash in beginning of line. Ex: #MyAnchor. Use square brackets to make links to them: [[#MyAnchor][Link]] or [[MyTopic#MyAnchor][Jump]]

Please follow the Good Style Guidelines when writing entries.