The following projects are planned to expand the iODBC project into a complete environment for database connectivity:

Implementation of iodbcinst library

The iodbcinst library has been implemented with graphical support for GTK on X11/Unix-based systems and Carbon on MacOS X. Support for other graphical libraries is under consideration.

Thread-safety & Reentrancy Issues

iODBC is fully thread-safe and reentrant at present, using POSIX or native threads.

ODBC 3.0 Specification

iODBC is compliant with the ODBC specification to version 3.52.

ODBC 4.0 Specification

OpenLink is currently evaluating the ODBC 4.0 specification draft, and will add support in a forthcoming release.

Development volunteers are welcomed as this will certainly ensure acceleration of this roadmap. If OpenLink is left to bear the development costs then the iODBC community has to accept OpenLink delivery timeframes. This still remains one of the biggest challenges of the iODBC project.

If you want to help out contact us at