2023-05-02 - iODBC Stable Version 3.52.16 Released

  • Fixed issue with generic setup dialogs on macOS not saving values
  • Fixed issue when creating new DSN via generic setup dialogs on macOS BigSur
  • Fixed issue with new vertical layout for Alerts on macOS BigSur
  • Fixed support for modern limit path name size
  • Fixed SQLBindParameter trace when bind offset is in use (fixes #80)
  • Fixed SQLGetInstalledDrivers single entry error (fixes #79)
  • Fixed silent truncation of 'long' diagnostic messages in SQLGetDiagRec (fixes #78)
  • Fixed missing comma (fixes #72)
  • Fixed potential memory leak (fixes #71)
  • Fixed truncation of SQL_C_WCHAR parameter value when BufferLength=0 and length=SQL_NTS (fixes #68)
  • Fixed issue overriding SQL_DEFAULT_PARAM length indicator (fixes #67)
  • Fixed issue with input parameter data when using parameter arrays (fixes #66)
  • Fixed compiler warnings
  • Fixed version check of build tools
  • Updated documents

Please continue sending your suggestions, questions and/or patches to the Archive Maintainer at iodbc@openlinksw.com

2021-06-07 - iODBC Stable Version 3.52.15 Released

  • Added support for macOS Big Sur (11.x) on Apple Silicon using a universal build
  • Fixed title to show CPU architecture used
  • Fixed length of error message buffer
  • Removed support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) and older
  • Removed deprecated iODBCcfmbridge for PPC
  • Upgraded iODBC build to use recent versions of Xcode
    • Minimum Xcode version is set to Xcode 8.0
    • Minimum macOS deployment target is OS X Mavericks (10.9)
    • Migrated dialogs and plist files
    • Migrated translation support

2021-02-17 - iODBC Stable Version 3.52.14 Released

  • Fixed: SQLSetEnvAttr doesn't return SQL_SUCCESS for option SQL_ATTR_APP_UNICODE_TYPE
  • Fixed: issue with switching ODBC driver to best supported Unicode codepage
  • Fixed: misprint in SQLBrowseConnect
  • Fixed: SQLGetConnectOption returned wrong value for SQL_CURRENT_QUALIFIER
  • Fixed: mixing calls to SQLFetchScroll with SQLFetch
  • Fixed: Misc Unicode issues

2019-07-23 - iODBC Stable Version 3.52.13 Released

  • Added extra validation for SQLAllocHandle (SQL_HANDLE_DESC, ...)
  • Added GCC __attribute__ for checking format string
  • Added missing define SQL_CONVERT_GUID
  • Fixed issue using heap after free in SQLConnect_internal
  • Fixed issue with global mutex in SQLError, SQLGetDiagRec, and SQLGetDiagField
  • Fixed SQLSetStmtAttr to cache the correct values for SQL_ATTR_ROW_ARRAY_SIZE and SQL_ATTR_ROW_BIND_TYPE
  • Fixed format specifiers and some casts to fix trace output
  • Fixed missing check for section in SQLGetPrivateProfileString
  • Fixed non-void function needs to return a value
  • Fixed issue in Mac Cocoa code
  • Fixed iODBC apps/frameworks CFBundleGetInfoString attribute
  • Fixes an issue where build fails on Alpine
  • Fixed package versioning
  • Fixed small memory leaks

2016-07-12 - iODBC Stable Version 3.52.12 Released

  • Added new Cocoa based dialogs for Mac OS X to allow 64-bit applications to use the standard Login and Setup dialogs from the iODBCinst framework
  • Added 64-bit version of the iODBC Administrator to configure and test DSNs on drivers that are only available in 64-bit format
  • Fixed User DSN support for recent versions of Microsoft Excel and Query on macOS
  • Documentation fixes

2016-05-25 - iODBC Internal Version 3.52.11 Released

  • Added xcodebuild option for OS X El Capitan (10.11)
  • Added support for x86_64 to iODBC Demo
  • Fix crash ODBCdemo - error message overwrite stack data
  • Fix iODBCdemo issue with UID/PWD values
  • Fixed crash in iODBC DM on push of "Test" button when 64-bit ODBC driver is used
  • Fixed crash when create_dsnsetup fails to load the window
  • Fixed crash when passing an empty connect string with no window handle
  • Fixed iODBCadm and iODBCdrvproxy Development build errors on OS X
  • Fixed iODBCdrvproxy XIBs not compiling to NIBs on OS X
  • Fixed issue in SQLGetInfo
  • Fixed issue with Xcode 7.2.1 on OS X Yosemite (10.10)
  • Fixed use only major.minor of macOS version to configure flags

2015-02-12 - iODBC Stable Version 3.52.10 Released

  • Fixed issue with ~/Library/ODBC/odbc[inst].ini on macOS
  • Added build support for macOS 10.10
  • Updated iODBC Administrator
  • Updated iODBC Demo
  • Fixed string truncation in Unicode <-> Ansi conversion on some API calls

2014-04-15 - iODBC Stable Version 3.52.9 Released

  • Added support for building on recent versions of Mac OS X
  • Fixed warnings from autoconf/automake
  • Fixed infinite loop in connection pool
  • Fixed compiler warnings
  • Fixed build dependency for make -jX
  • Fixed check for Unicode driver
  • Fixed issue calling SQLCancel from other thread
  • Fixed SQLInstallDriverEx when driver is readonly

2012-03-27 - iODBC Stable Version 3.52.8 Released

  • Added support for Mac OS X 10.7
  • Added Mac OS X build files to ignore list
  • Added initial .gitignore
  • Added more files to ignore
  • Converted build rules to compile the UI from new .xib files
  • Converted old .nib format to .xib format
  • Fixed list of files to be distributed
  • Fixed problem installing CFMSupport
  • Updated version of iODBC Demo to 1.1

2009-09-11 - iODBC Stable Version 3.52.7 Released

  • Added iODBC Graphical Administrator for Mac OS X
  • Added iODBC CFM Bridge
  • Added resizable windows and dialogs for GTK+
  • Added option in tracefile for sequence number ($S)
  • Added additional translations between ANSI and Unicode
  • Fixed if tracefile gets too big, continue in new tracefile
  • Fixed unload bug due to wrong pointer deref
  • Fixed Connection Pooling UI
  • Fixed checking odbc_ver on connect handle
  • Fixed packaging of runtime only libraries
  • Fixed porting issues
  • Fixed documentation

2007-01-05 - iODBC Stable Version 3.52.6 Released

  • Added support for GTK+ 2.x
  • Fixed long mutex lock on connect
  • Fixed problems with SQLBrowseConnect
  • Fixed missing functions in export list
  • Fixed core dump when checking for driver odbc version
  • Fixed allocation error in SQLDescribeCol
  • Fixed rpm specification for RedHat
  • Fixed porting problems on FreeBSD, OpenBSD and OSF
  • Use SQLFetchScroll in iodbctest

2006-01-27 - iODBC Stable Version 3.52.5 Released

  • Added support for File DSN
  • Added support for Connection Pooling
  • Added check for tracefile size
  • Call ODBC 2.x functions in driver if application uses ODBC 2.x only calls
  • Fixed problem parsing driver result in SQLSetStmtAttr
  • Fixed source code readability
  • Fixed bug in overwriting driver name
  • Fixed check for /Library/ODBC for Mac OS X
  • Fixed prototypes
  • Rewrote bootstrap script and configure summary
  • Use localtime_r in tracing when available
  • Fixed build issues with Mac OS X
  • Small code cleanups and fixes

2005-11-07 - iODBC Stable Version 3.52.4 Released

  • Added support for Mac OS X 10.4 Universal kit (ppc, ppc64, and i386)
  • Removed dependency between iodbc and iodbcinst shared libraries
  • Cleanups to the build process particularly on MacOS X
  • Clarification on LGPL license conditions
  • Bugfix: error on subsequent SQLExecute statements
  • Fixed problem building 64-bit GUI components
  • Fixed problem determining which compiler to use on AIX
  • Enabled SHLIB_PATH on HP/UX
  • Fixed problem using # as comment in odbc.ini file
  • Disabled --disable-odbc3 flag
  • Small code cleanups and fixes

2005-02-07 - iODBC Stable Version 3.52.3 Released

  • Added support for DSN-less connections
  • Added timestamp to ENTER/EXIT lines in trace file
  • Added build support for AIX 5.x, HP/UX 11.23 IA_64
  • Added build support for Mac OS X 10.3 (32-bit) and 10.4 (32-bit + 64-bit)
  • Fixed problem with SQLDriverConnect (SQL_DRIVER_PROMPT) if no setup dialog had been registered
  • Fixed symbol-clash between Oracle Instant client and iODBC on Mac OS X
  • Various small build fixes
  • Various stability bug-fixes

2004-02-28 - iODBC Version 3.52.2 Source Released

  • Added tracing option for root without overwriting existing files
  • Added PORT.OpenLink script
  • Added special iodbc-config script for Mac OS X framework build
  • Fixed problem starting/stopping tracing
  • Fixed SQLSetConnectAttr to return SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO if driver cannot handle option set before connect time
  • Fixed SQLInfo to use pcbInfoValue if present
  • Fixed NULL pointer problem in GTK choose driver dialog
  • Fixed problem with C++ prototypes with older 32-bit code
  • Fixed locking problem with SQLAllocEnv/SQLAllocHandle
  • Fixed tracefile name expansion
  • Fixed problem running bootstrap.sh on machines without GTK
  • Fixed problem installing code in temp directory for packaging
  • Fixed problem calling SQLGetDiagRec on uninitialized handles in iodbctest program
  • Link iodbctest program with static iodbc libraries

2003-09-08 - iODBC Version 3.52.1 Source Released

  • Added support for new ODBC 3.52 specification for 64-bit environments
  • Added support for SQLGetEnvAttr(SQL_ATTR_WCHAR_SIZE) extension
  • Added missing Mac OS X build files
  • Added script to symlink Mac OS X framework into /usr/local/iODBC to allow traditional GNU configurable packages to use the same version of iODBC
  • Added new layer to driver loading to prevent memory leaks when drivers cannot be physically unloaded
  • Added man pages for iodbc-config, iodbctest, and iodbcadm-gtk
  • Added header file iodbcunix.h for portability
  • Enhanced tracing for SQLGetFunctions, SQLColAttribute
  • Fixed NULL pointer problem when connection failed
  • Fixed initialization problem with SQLGetPrivateProfileString
  • Fixed export Unicode and ANSI names of ODBC functions in libiodbc
  • Fixed SQLSetScrollOption emulation
  • Fixed tracing for SQLSetDescRec
  • Fixed rpm build issue with RedHat 9
  • Fixed Mac OS X install problem
  • Fixed Mac OS X build dependency on Carbon libraries
  • Fixed HP/UX shared library name handling
  • Fixed handling of UTF-8 sequences
  • Fixed compiler warnings
  • Small code cleanups and fixes

2003-08-22 - iODBC Version 3.51.2 Source Released

  • Added support for installation layouts for different distributions, e.g., --with-layout=RedHat
  • Added support for Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)
  • Added support for creating libodbc.so symlink
  • Added more ODBC 3.x calls to iodbctest.c program
  • Added SQLRowCount for SQL UPDATE/DELETE statements in iodbctest.c
  • Fixed build problem with older make programs
  • Fixed bug in state handling SQLCloseCursor
  • Fixed driver statement allocation problem
  • Fixed double free in statement handle
  • Fixed problem tracing variable length strings and binary data
  • Use snprintf when available to guard against buffer overruns
  • Small documentation fixes

2002-04-29 - iODBC Version 3.51.1 Source Released

  • Release of GTK-based Administrator component
  • Improved API tracing functionality (improvement is trace granularity)
  • New SQLDrivers() API implementation
  • Upgrade to libtool-1.4.3
  • Reworked SRPM .spec-file to aid co-existence with other managers
  • Improved ./configure and GTK support for FreeBSD and MacOS X
  • Reinstated libiodbc.so dependency on libiodbcinst.so
  • State-transition fixes for SQLFetch/SQLExecDirect/SQLMoreResults
  • Tidied ini-file- and connection-string-parsing functions
  • Added a README.CVS
  • Symbol-clash removal

2003-08-22 - iODBC Version 3.51.0 Source Released

  • Unicode support
  • Updated ODBC tracing support
  • Updated threading model
  • Improved graphical Administration (GTK) interface
  • General Bug fixes

2002-04-29 - iODBC 3.0.6 Source Release

  • Mac OS X support
  • Portability fixes
  • Small bug fixes

2001-06-12 - iODBC 3.0.5 Source Release

  • Portability fixes
  • Small bug fixes
  • CVS archive integration

2000-08-25 - iODBC 3.0.4 Source Release

  • This release was a source release only.

2000-08-09 - iODBC 3.0.3 Source Release

  • Full source code for GTK GUI based iODBC Administrator for interactive administration of ODBC DSNs

2000-08-09 - iODBC 3.0.3 Linux Binary Release

  • GTK GUI based iODBC Administrator for interactive administration of ODBC DSNs

2000-02-01 - iODBC Development Version 3.0.2 Release

  • SQLGetData returned SQLSTATE 24000 error as internal SQLNumResultCols call deadlocked
  • SQLDatasources argument check was wrong

2000-01-28 - iODBC Development Version 3.0.1 Release

  • Added code to make Driver Manager thread safe
  • Added code to call non thread-safe drivers from thread safe applications
  • Small bug fixes and code cleanups

1999-12-16 - iODBC Development Version 3.0.0 Release

  • ODBC 3.x support and the ODBC 3.x to 2.x translation layer
  • Support for more platforms including Mac OS X (Rhapsody)
  • Small bug fixes and code cleanups